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  • My ‘must have’ list of top 10 genealogy websites. September 1, 2014
    This list of top 10 genealogy websites is a bit different than others because I have evaluated them based on the sheer quantity of data and sources I have found for my own personal research, regardless whether they are paid or free. I will only subscribe to a site if I’m sure it’s worth it […]
  • Transcription: Birth Certificate for Joseph William Hervé Ducharme. August 31, 2014
    The following is my transcription of the birth certificate for Joseph William Hervé Ducharme. Manchester, New Hampshire Birth Certificate for Joseph William Herve Ducharme, October 31, 1914 _____________________ Name:    Ducharme, Joseph William Herve Date of Birth Year,   1914 Month,   October Day,   31 Name of Father,   Joseph Ducharme Maiden Name of Mothe […]
  • Transcription – Obituary for Lillian Active Paradis-Auclair August 30, 2014
    The following is my transcription of the obituary for Lillian Active Paradis-Auclair. Mrs. Lillian A. Auclair Mrs. Lillian A. Auclair, widow of Thomas Auclair died Tuesday at a Manchester hospital after a long illness. Mrs. Auclair was born in Franklin, daughter of Joseph and Delia (Seney) Paradis and had resided in Manchester the greater part […]
  • Richard III’s final resting place is decided. August 30, 2014
    This morning, I read the Archives UK blog headline “Reburial of King Richard III”, describing the circumstances and controversy surrounding the decision about the location of Richard III’s final resting place. I proceeded to read the entire article with fascination. I have written a couple of posts regarding the search for, discovery and excavation of […]
  • Google blacklisting: How it happens, and what to do about it. August 31, 2014
    Google blacklisting of your site can occur in many different ways. Perhaps you noticed a gradual decrease in traffic over time which eventually stops completely, or you could have tried a search for your site, only to find that none of your pages are showing up, even though they did when you checked last. Or […]
  • Why postcards are an effective marketing tool. August 30, 2014
    Using postcards to promote your business might seem outdated in today’s technology centered world, but it actually remains an effective and affordable way to get the word out, as a major part of a broad campaign. Reach out to new potential customers. One reason to use postcards is to reach a new audience. Email lists can be outdated, and […]
  • Why a podcaster should set up a blog. August 25, 2014
    Every podcaster should set up a blog of their own. There are plenty of benefits that a blog can provide for each of your podcast episodes. These days, podcasting has been gaining popularity all over again. Apple ensured that their users would have access to podcasts by adding the app in all of their devices […]
  • Benefits of an effective content strategy. August 21, 2014
    You have repeatedly heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ and in fact, that is true. Content is seen as one of the leading aspects of a website that generates lead and promotes ROI. A huge part of writing content is an effective content strategy. Without one, your content may not have the desired impact. By […]